MS400 Multibeam Echo Sounder Applying to bank collapse survey of the Yangtze River


In the main flood season of June 2018, Jiangxinzhou in the Jinhekou section of Ma'anshan, Yangtze River incurred bank collapse. In order to understand the underwater washing conditions at the bank collapse section, a water conservancy user in Anhui used MS400 multibeam echo sounder to conduct three-dimensional topographical survey on the section of the bank collapse. Survey area is located in the Yangtze River waters of Jinhekou, Ma'anshan and County. The average width of the survey area is 400 meters, the length is about 600 meters, and the water depth ranges from 3 to 45 meters. Such terrain changes greatly. The measurement results show that MS400 can perform precise measurements on complex underwater terrains. Accurate underwater three-dimensional topographic maps were obtained, which provided detailed basic information for the design of the restoration plan for the collapsed embankment section.

Underwater 3D topographic map in the survey area

Partial underwater 3D topographic map (1)

Partial underwater 3D topographic map (2)













Partial three-dimensional point cloud