All-in-one Multibeam Echo Sounder

MS400U is a compact multi-beam echosounder specially designed for the integration of small USV or other unmanned platforms. It has built-in surface sound velocity sensor and attitude & heading measuring sensor. The system has outstanding performance, such as small size, light weight and low power consumption. For different applications, we can provide not only standard products in round or square shape, but also customized products to be integrated on most USVs. MS400U is perfect for any hydrographic surveying requirement in the aspect of function and performance. It can be easily integrated with other unmanned platform. Our engineers are always poised to provide technical consultancy to customer.


  • High performance:Beam Angel 1° x 2°| Number of Beams 512 | Resolution 0.75cm | IHO Standard
  • Small Size:φ220mm × 181mm or customizable (Contact us to get tailored product for your unmanned vehicle)
  • Light Weight:System weight around 10kg (Tansducer 7.5kg / Deck Unit 2.5kg) | Easy to carry
  • Suitable for ROV/AUV/USV and apply to underwater terrain surveying, underwater 3D surveying, bridge pier scouring inspection


Technical Specifications
Working Frequency 400kHz
Depth Resolution 0.75cm
No. of Beams 512
Working Modes Equiangular or Equidistance
Vertical Receiving Beam Width
Parallel Projecting Beam Width
Max. Ping Rate 60Hz
Signal Type CW/Chirp
Swath Coverage 143°
Pulse Width 30μs ~ 8ms
Sounding Range 0.2~200m+*
Max. Working Depth 50m
* Depending on environmental conditions.
Physical Specifications
Transducer φ220mm×181mm (Round Version)

φ205mm×205mm×181mm (Square Version)

Transducer Weight 7.5kg (In the air)
Working Temperature -2° ~ 40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Power Supply DC10V-32V/AC110V-240V
Power Consumption 80W
Deck Unit Weight 2.5kg
Deck Unit Size 200mm×145mm×107mm
Deck Cable Length 3m (or Customized)


  • 2022120307451184
    Unmanned Platform
  • 2022120307454982
    Speed Boat
  • 2022120307462068
    Hydrogrphic Ship
  • 2022120307464653
    Fishing Boat
  • 2022120307471184
    Oaring Boat