Sound Velocity Sensor

SVS1500M sound velocity sensor adopts "Time-of-Flight" technology for sound velocity measurement. Combining with advanced digital signal processing technology, the sound velocity measuring accuracy can reach 0.05m/s. Based on compact IC and sensing technology, SVS1500M is small size and easy to carry. It is so convenient that completely reduce not only the big error risk caused by the table checking method, but also the troublesome of the original inspection board comparing work.


  • High Accuracy: With "Time-of-Flight" technology, SVS1500M's accuracy was enhanced to 0.05m/s.
  • Quick Response: Highest output rate can reach 30Hz data, which means SVS1500M can rapidly feedback to abnormal water current and sound velocity changing in some waterfield, so that it can provide accurate calibration to sound velocity.
  • Stable Performance: Adopt up-to-date sound velocity sensor, new material & measuring technology, SVS1500M greatly minimize the impact caused by environment in order to ensure the data performance.
  • Easy Operation: Plug and play mode is suitable for out field application. It can work quickly work with Laptop and various echo sounder, or integrated with other sound velocity measuring parts.


Technical Specifications
Sound Velocity Range 1400m/s ~ 1600m/s
Sound Velocity Resolution 0.001m/s
Sound Velocity Accuracy 0.05m/s
Sound Frequency 2MHz
Sampling Rate 1 ~ 30Hz
Max. Working Depth 300m
Temperature Sensor Type PT1000
Temperature Resolution 0.001℃
Temperature Accuracy 0.05℃

Physical Specifications
Size Φ34mm x 163.5mm
Weight 0.6kg
Cover Material 316L Stainless Steel
Working Temperature -5° ~ 45℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Power Supply 12V
Data Port RS232